Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mini Treat Bag Thinlit

Have you tried this thinlit yet?  I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant as to whether or not I might like it, but I thought the best way to find out was to try it!

So I created the project after seeing one that I spotted online by Dawn Ferguson.  So I set out to CASE it.  For those of you that are not familiar with this acronym, in the crafting world, it stands for Copy And Share Everything!  This is a wonderful thing, as now you have endless patterns to CASE and be inspired by!  I know that feeling after I have worked hard and sometimes spent a long time designing something of how proud I think if someone copies it.  Are you going to feel upset?  cheated? possessive?  Why????  I personally take it as a huge compliment that someone liked my design soooo much that they want to make it too!  I totally get that warm and fuzzy feeling when someone CASEs my design!  But I do think it is important to "give credit where credit due" so try very hard to respect the original designer and credit them for their design or inspiration.....because doesn't that seem fair!

Oh my, what a tangent...okay back to the thinlit!!

So as I started to say, before I interrupted myself....I bought the Mini Treat Bag Thinlit to try it and oh my, I have tried it and like it!  I have used it with cardstock (as pictured above where I used Whisper White and stamped it with the I love Lace stamp) and then I thought what if I could make kraft ones like in the catalogue?  Well that is how we got to here...I purchased the Festive Designer Kraft paper rolls from the Clearance rack (as who doesn't love a sale???) and ran to the Big Shot!  And Voila!!!  Mini treat bags in fancy kraft paper!

I think we might have to see these little Mini Treat Bags show up in class soon as envelopes!  Love this idea too!  

Here are the supplies I used in the above projects:

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