Friday, September 30, 2022

My 10 Year Anniversary

Happy 10th Anniversary to me!  It might not be diamonds but I still shine bright like one!  

If someone had told me 10 years ago what my journey with Stampin' Up! would look like, I would have shook my head in disbelief and thought they were joking!  My journey has been amazing!  Absolutely amazing!   I had always dreamed of making a living from my crafting hobby and had never thought it was possible! Dreams do come true!

Ten years ago, as a busy mom of 4 wonderful children, ranging in age from 2 to 10, and running my own bookkeeping business, my world was extremely hectic and busy!  To find some "down" time, I attended a few classes and joined Stampin' Up! in August of 2012, to escape for "me time", enjoy a new hobby and meet other crafters.  I have crafted with family and friends my entire life, so a new craft sounded new and exciting. And let's be entirely honest, I signed up, like so many do, to get the free product and the discount!  

At that time, my goal was to acquire my wish list of supplies for my new crafting adventure, as I did not own a single Stampin' Up! product!  Well that changed quickly when I joined teams with my upline teaching a monthly club, again in my mind, to acquire my wish list faster!  Much to my surprise, I enjoyed teaching and so did those attending!  They loved my projects!  This energy quickly progressed to more and more classes, and then a phone call from Stampin' Up!.   That phone call was pivotal! 

Stampin' Up! called and told me that I was on track to achieve Rising Star!  I have to admit, I was in dumbfounded, as I had no idea that I was doing well nor did I have any idea what a Rising Star was!  And for those who are not familiar, I describe it as Rookie of the Year!  Well, challenge accepted!  

Shortly after, I achieved that goal, along with two other amazing women in the US!  What a feeling!  Being the only Canadian and one of three to accomplish this goal in a year!   Shining bright, Stampin' Up! spoiled us with an exclusive retreat just for us!  It was amazing!  Absolutely incredible!  I felt like a Star and on top of the world!

To say the least, this kicked started my journey and I had found my shine! 

To be frank, I had no idea how much fun this would be and how enriching it is!  I have met so many incredible people, made so many marvelous friends, experienced so much, challenged myself and grown in so many ways.  It is hard to condense 10 years into such a short version, as I have experienced so much in this time.  I have learned so much about myself and can't wait for what the future holds!  

To say, I love what I do, is a total understatement!  Stampin' Up! has filled a void that I didn't know existed and has unleashed a creative passion that I love, and truly fulfilled my "me" time!  Thank you Stampin' Up!

There is so much more that I could share, and do share, of my story whenever someone asks and is interested in listening!  I wanted to share a glimpse at my journey, as I know others can benefit from crafting and joining Stampin' Up! too!  If you are considering it, my advice is "Go for it"! Join my team and find your sparkle!  Be you!  Be your own boss and make your journey yours!  It is powerful!  Shine bright like the diamond you are!

Dream, sparkle & shine!

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Lots of News !


Every week in September Stampin’ Up!® is offering a selection of discounted products. Discounts and product selection will vary from week to week.

  • New products are added each week on 1, 8, 15, and 22 September.
  • The promotion ends September 28th.
  • Product options and discounts vary based on inventory availability.
  • Discounted items can be added to a Starter Kit.
  • Get the most up-to-date product information on my online store here beginning 1 September.

Some things are great on their own but become epic when they are paired with something else: coffee and cookies, eggs and toast, Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger.  I may be biased, but my favorite combo is our stamp sets and dies—and that’s what the Perfect Partners promotion is all about! 

Six new dies have been created, that coordinate with stamp sets in the 2022–2023 Annual Catalog and the July–December 2022 Mini Catalogue!  These coordinating dies will only be available during this promotion and will not be offered in any catalogue.
These stamp sets and dies are available separately or as a bundle. By buying the bundle, you will save 10% off the retail price. 

Put these wonderful stamp sets and dies together for more papercrafting fun! Order now!

162526Apple Harvest (EN)$53.00 USD | $72.75 CAD160255Apple Blossoms Dies$35.00 USD |
$48.00 CAD
159944Apple Harvest$24.00 USD |
$33.00 CAD

Le temps des pommes (FR)

$53.00 USD | $72.75 CAD160255

Apple Blossoms Dies

$35.00 USD |
$48.00 CAD
Le Temps Des Pommes (FR)$24.00 USD |
$33.00 CAD
162519Fresh Cut Flowers$50.25 USD | $69.25 CAD160251Fresh Cut Stems Dies$34.00 USD |
$47.00 CAD
159018Fresh Cut Flowers$22.00 USD |
$30.00 CAD
162521This Birthday Piggy$48.50 USD | $67.50 CAD160254Playful Piggy Dies$31.00 USD |
$43.00 CAD
159107This Birthday Piggy$23.00 USD |
$32.00 CAD
162522Trimming The Tree (EN)$46.75 USD | $64.75 CAD160256Tree Trimming Dies$34.00 USD |
$47.00 CAD
158972Trimming The Tree$18.00 USD |
$25.00 CAD

Sapin bien garni (FR)

$46.75 USD | $67.50 CAD160256Tree Trimming Dies$34.00 USD |
$47.00 CAD

Sapin bien garni (FR)

$18.00 USD |
$25.00 CAD
162520Waterfall Canyon$53.00 USD | $72.75 CAD160252Waterfall Canyon Dies$37.00 USD |
$51.00 CAD
158927Waterfall Canyon$22.00 USD |
$30.00 CAD
162529Yeti To Party (EN)$41.25 USD | $57.50 CAD160253Yeti Dies$28.00 USD |
$39.00 CAD
159826Yeti To Party$18.00 USD |
$25.00 CAD

Gentil yéti (FR)

$41.25 USD | $57.50 CAD160253

Yeti Dies

$28.00 USD |
$39.00 CAD

Gentil yéti (FR)

$18.00 USD |
$25.00 CAD

Early release Warm Welcome Bundle!  Item#160704

Wait....there is more!

World Card Making Day is all about making beautiful, heartfelt cards. During the event, we’ll walk you through several projects, and you’ll create the cards right along with us. You’ll end up with new project ideas and some stunning new cards!

To make the most of this experience, you can order the Cottage Rose Bundle from the 2022–2023 Annual Catalog, the Cottage Wreaths Bundle from the July–December 2022 Mini Catalog, or the Warm Welcome Bundle, which you can get early from the January–June 2023 Mini Catalog! If you want, you could even order all three bundles! The Warm Welcome Bundle will be available for purchase starting 1 September*.

When you order one of these three bundles: Cottage Rose Bundle, Cottage Wreaths Bundle or Warm Welcome Bundle you'll get a FREE gift of Iridescent Pearl Basic Jewels! (Note that even if you order all three bundles, you’ll only receive one Iridescent Pearls gift.) 

Check out the Product Flyer with all the bundles’ ordering information. You can still attend this event without ordering the bundles, but it will be a lot more fun to craft together if you have one or more bundles! Order early to get your products in time for our World Card Making Day Creative Event.  

Come craft with me on October 1st!