Friday, January 2, 2015

Inkspirations with Sheri

I sit here thinking of 2014 and wow, what a year!  It was a year of personal growth, creativity, making friends and many first time experiences!  I am still in shock that my hobby and personal escape, (encouraged, supported and promoted by my incredible fiance Jeff) lead me to trips to Washington, DC and Utah twice whilst being the only recipient in Canada to earn the Rising Star award for 2014! Taking the stage in front of 4500+ people definitely will be a moment in time that was priceless and monumental!

Besides the paramount moment of this achievement, my greatest achievement I felt was seeing the smile on each clients face after she attended a class, home party or club, or acquired new goodies for their crafting oasis!  These moments reflected I made a difference!  Nothing feels better than seeing that you make a difference for someone else!

Paper crafting is an escape from the busy days, the stress of the day and the sometimes hectic pace we keep....truly an incredible form of therapy!  I am not one to make resolutions as I strive to be the best that I can be daily and forever improving...but if I were to make a goal for this year, I would reach for the stars and try to make Stampin' Up! a household name in Canada bringing paper crafting into every home so that everyone can experience the "escape" that I enjoy!

With this new year and all my growth, I want to start the year with a new name to reflect the new me! I felt that my name should reflect my passion and I feel this captures it with a play on words to reflect the creativity........drum roll please....

Inkspirations with Sheri

As we start this new year together, I can't wait to start crafting with you!

Happy New Year!!

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