Monday, July 30, 2018

Animal Expedition Designer Series Paper Fun

I am having so much fun with the products in the suite Animal Expedition that I wanted to share some of my excitement with you!  This suite includes stamps, thinlit dies, designer series paper and more.  As you might know, the Big Shot is my favourite cardmaking tool so it is my go to!  So today I would like to share with you the fun I am having with my Big Shot, Animal Friends Thinlit Dies and the Animal Expedition Designer Series Paper

My adventure has begun with seeing how many animals I could capture with the Thinlits in the Designer Series Paper.  I am always excited when I can use paper for more than backgrounds, and absolutely love that some Thinlits can cut out images in Designer Series Paper.  What a time saver! I love colouring but what a bonus when you can cut out an image and get a coloured image immediately! Also a great way for those who don't want or like to colour to get a great finished image!   Fun fun fun! 

So to cut images, first you need to grab your Animal Friends Thinlits Dies and Animal Expedition Designer Series Paper and head to the Big Shot!  Using the print with all the animals on it (pictured lower left corner above) and has animal print on the reverse.   

Then cut out as many giraffes, rhinoceros and kangaroos that you can using the thinlit dies.   You will discover that many of these animals are reverse images, so don't panic, here's a trick to get those critters cut out too!  First, hold the paper up to light, a lamp or the window so that you can line the thinlit up on the reverse side!  Yes I said on the reverse side!  This totally reminded me of tracing pictures when I was a kid!  

Now if you need you can use a little piece of washi tape (yes, I know you can spare some and it works great as a temporary stick to hold something in place) to hold the thinlit on the reverse side with the cutting edge down.  You are going to cut this out looking at the wrong side of the paper!  Yes we are!  You can do it!

The magnetic platform works great to hold the thinlit in place too, and I braved this wild adventure with no washi tape and only the magentic platform on my Big Shot....and ta-da!

Now look at the safari of animals that this tip helped me cut from the paper!  

As you will notice a few of my rhinoceros are partial as that is how they were on the paper, but they will still work on some designs.  I have used the 1/2" circle punch to cut out some of my little frogs, as I discovered the thinlit in this set does not fit the image on this page but works perfect on the designer series page of just branches and frogs.  I also have quickly cut out the sloths, birds and other critters with scissors for further cutting later.  So all the images above came from the one sheet of designer series paper!  YAY!

Now I am going to start working on cards with these cut outs, so watch for my next post when I share all my creations using these critters!

Check out the Animal Expedition Suite now and don't forget the Animal Friends Thinlits dies are available as a bundle with the Animal Outing Stamp Set, in the Animal Outing Bundle for clear blocks or for clear blocks!


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