Thursday, February 25, 2016

Weekly Update

Finally here!  Sorry in the busyness (is that really a word? Yes, it is!  Wow, have you ever written a word and have it look funny, and think did I just make that up?  Well that happens to me often, both that I wonder if I have spelt a word correctly and also making up words especially in speech - ask someone in my classes, new words all the time, ha ha!)...okay back to topic, in the busyness of life this week, I just realized that I haven't updated you this week to what's up in the Stampin' Up! world!

Exciting news for Paper Pumpkin subscribers!   A new monthly email to all subscribers started yesterday and will be a monthly addition to your subscription!  This email looks exciting and offers alternative projects for the existing kits, along with many other tidbits.  To learn more about Paper Pumpkin, please contact me or follow this link.

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