Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Newport Beach - Day 1

Day 1 of adventures on the Newport Beach Incentive Trip!  Sitting on a jet plane with my love waiting to take flight!

After landing in LAX, we began our short ride to the hotel experiencing LA traffic making it a 2 hour trip.  Humoured by our chaffeur when we were asking "are we there yet?" telling us we were about "3 days away"! We shared this ride with two other successful island demonstrators, Glenda Mollet and Barb Tripps, along with their wonderful spouses.  Only 17 demonstrators from Canada achieved this trip, so how incredible that 3 of us were from Vancouver Island, BC!  

During our ride, we spotted one of the  Goodyear blimp bases, and we forunate to see it in the air!  Every day, more than a million commuters drive past the base just to catch a glimpse of the Blimp — a phenomenon local Angelenos call "The Blimp Effect", and we did!

Then we arrived at our hotel the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa.  Gorgeous hotel with a fountain entrance and flowers in the lobby. 

And another one in the centre of the hotel by the main pool.

Here is one of the two pools, both with hot tubs and lots of lounging areas!

Our king size bed that was a fun story to get, as originally our room included a dinner room table and a bar, along with a sectional and bathroom and no bed!  Thank you to our bellman that quickly informed front desk that we needed a bed and that the hospitality room used for bridal parties, etc. was not going to work for us.  The funniest was when he asked us if we had requested a "closet to stay in"!

Strolled down the road for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory!  Great eats, great company!

Once back at the hotel, to our surprise a gift! Our first pillow gift!  Stampin' Up! sure knows how to spoil you and make you feel special!  A pillow gift is truly amazing to receive!

This pillow gift was filled with Sunshine!  A gift box filled with yellow treats, and you can ask my kids, very little of this made it back to Canada, much to their disappointment!

Can't wait to share what day two included!

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