Saturday, September 27, 2014

Getaway Trip - Washington, DC Day 2

A few hours of sleep were needed after our 36 hours plus of awake time, then our day of adventures started!  And wow what a day!  We started with a Stampin' Up! breakie in the State Room of our hotel and then off to our private, guided hop on & off bus tour.  Taking in such sights as the Lafayette Park, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and US Capitol.  Then lunch and an afternoon at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Everything from skeleton gangs like this….to the Hope Diamond!

Back to the hotel for a quick change and a spontaneous dinner with a wonderful couple from Chatham, Ontario that we had just met!  And "oh my" the chicken pot pie individual serving, Jeff and I shared and could not finish!!!

Then off to ride the subway and see the Washington Capitols beat the Boston Bruins in overtime!  Yes, ironic I know, we traveled across the continent to the USA to watch our country's favorite sport!

And the day finished with a pillow gift from Stampin' Up!  Thank you Stampin' Up! this trip is amazing!

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